Our Mission Statement: Serve our clients with the most innovative products at the best prices. Always be transparent and make the home buying/building process not just easy--but fun!

GBO Homes was created when we realized there was a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way to construct a home without sacrificing any quality. Born in San Diego, California—a city obsessed with clean living—GBO Homes is a group of people who take pride in making an above-average product for a below-average price.

How do we do this? By using the natural surplus of shipping containers to create house frames that are fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant, mold-proof, termite-proof and most importantly avoid the labor-intensive process of building with wood.

The idea of building with shipping containers isn’t new. Popular in Europe and gaining traction in the US, the obvious benefits are making more and more builders opt for this better solution. GBO Homes is here to give clients like you access to personalized home-designs without you needing any prior knowledge in new home construction.

Have any questions? Just drop us a line... We do custom projects, commodity builds and licensing deals.

  • Provide clean, modern living in cost-effective and eco-friendly buildings.
  • Reduce unnecessary labor, supplies and waste in real estate investments
  • Supply an affordable building material for humanitarian, emergency and ecological efforts.
  • Spread the word about these earthquake-resistant, mold-proof and fire-resistant alternatives to expensive construction materials

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